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Someone has already beaten Dark Souls 3's hardest DLC boss with his bare hands

One of the best things about new Dark Souls adventures is seeing how the more masochistic players in the community approach it. And that holds true for Dark Souls 3's recent Ashes of Ariandel DLC: someone has already beaten its boss with his bare fists (be warned, massive spoilers follow under this image).

While we wait for someone to beat Sister Friede using a Guitar Hero controller, this will have to suffice. Not only is TolomeoR thwacking away at the boss with nary a weapon in sight, he's also doing it on New Game+ 7. Now that might actually have its benefits: as TolomeoR points out on reddit, fists actually scale well with strength and dexterity, and if you've got your levels in the right places, you can actually do quite a bit of damage with knuckles.

It's still a marathon effort though, because Sister Friede is among the hardest bosses in the series so far. When I reviewed the DLC earlier this week, it took me well over half a day to beat her, and, admittedly, I eventually resorted to summoning a friend.

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