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Slay the Spire's massive 2.0 update introduces a new character and loads more

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Slay the Spire just got bigger with the official roll out of patch 2.0, which finally adds a new character, the Watcher, after months of beta testing. New relics and potions have also been added, in addition to a new Potion Lab.

The Watcher has been in testing since September, and naturally has her own cards and relics. According to Fraser writing last year she's "a blind ascetic who is paying the Spire a visit so she can 'evaluate' it". She's fond of miracles and peeping at cards in her draw pile.

A long list of balance changes are recorded over on the Steam community blog, and there's a bunch of quality of life improvements and bug fixes to look forward to. Modding support has been "improved", though it may cause conflicts for mods designed for version 1.1 - if you're a modder, it may be time to update.

Finally, there's a new Potion Lab, providing an easy-to-access resource on all spells available in the game. Which there are a lot of: this patch alone adds an addition 14.

Check out the full patch notes here. Evan loved Slay the Spire, writing in his review that it's "a strategically deep deckbuilder that, with any luck, has spawned a brilliant new subgenre". It won our 2019 award for Best Design.

Shaun Prescott
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