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Skrillex Quest is Zelda meets Sword and Sworcery meets dubstep

I'm a big fan of absurdly ludicrous things, so Skrillex Quest - and dubstep in general - is right up my alley. It's a browser-based homage to The Legend of Zelda, set inside an old NES cartridge that's bugging out thanks to a piece of dust that's found its way onto the elements.

As the world is increasingly infected by a glitchy procession of 8-bit games, your job is to... Save it? Rescue the Ghost Princess? Defeat the corrupted Skrillex in his dungeon disco? To be honest, it's never quite clear what your quest is, just that you should be damn well getting on with it.

Each stage is a timed race to collect keys, scrolls and treasure, while bringing down glitch cubes with your sword. It's visually impressive, and has a lot of fun riffing on the theme of a broken, malfunctioning 8-bit world that's being displayed in an updated retro-inspired perspective.

It's all backed by the Skrillex song Summit which, while no doubt off-putting to many, gels well with what's happening on screen. It also finishes about as perfectly as a game called Skrillex Quest could. Go play .

Thanks, The Verge .

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