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Co-op factory builder Satisfactory will release in early access soon

Satisfactory will release in early access on March 19, just a couple weeks from now. The co-op factory builder comes from Coffee Stain Studios, creators of Goat Simulator and the Sanctum series, and appeared at last year's PC Gaming Show

Satisfactory looks similar to Factorio, but in first-person, meaning you can build multi-tier factories and ride your own conveyor belts around (a far better use of them than transporting ore and goods, in my view). There's exploration to do, too, and some hostile wildlife to tangle with on the alien planet you're turning into an industrial disaster.

The early access version won't include the conclusion to the mystery of why we're covering this planet with factories, but I'm told our saves will survive through to the full release (the timing of which is TBD) so progress won't be lost. Before we get to that, though, Coffee Stain has "polish, performance-fixes and new features" to work on as it progresses through its early access roadmap.

Coffee Stain also tells me that while Satisfactory officially supports up to four players, you can invite more players than that. Things might go awry, but I don't suppose we'll know until we try getting ten builders riding conveyor belts at once.

Satisfactory will be available exclusively on the Epic Store, where it can currently be preordered for $30.

Tyler Wilde

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