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Rogue Legacy update will bring a new class, harder bosses and more traits

As if harder bosses were a thing that Rogue Legacy needed. That's the problem with roguelikes: they turn us all into masochists. Someone should chart the number of people who, having experienced the roguelike boom of the last couple of years, now spend their weekends in seedy industrial clubs getting spanked for pleasure. Alternatively, read on to learn of the less literal spanking the 2D dungeon-crawling roguelike will be administering in the next few days.

Of patch 1.2's five remixed bosses, Cellar Door Games say , "these battles will be true tests of skills, and should be available to people at all parts of the game. These are not casual battles, and only the best will succeed."

To mitigate that difficulty increase, some other features are also planned. A new "pretty uber" secret class will be added, and three new traits are planned to give your initial character selection more variety. The map pool is also getting a 10% increase, to ensure more diverse dungeon runs.

Balance tweaks and modifications to game logic are planned, with Cellar Door promising to "make everything a little smoother". Also: more achievements for achievements' sake.

Rogue Legacy didn't quite make it into my semi-arbitrary list of favourite games this year, although it maybe wasn't a fair fight in the year an upgraded Spelunky came to PC. Still, I'll be interested to see how the balance tweaks switch things up. Many of my issues stem from the controls, which aren't quite as responsive as I'd like in such a skill-based game, but some clever changes to the systems could potentially mitigate this small annoyance in an otherwise enjoyable game.

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