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Rogue Legacy out now: a 2D roguelike about heroism and genealogy

Rogue Legacy is what the developers call a "rogue-lite," which is, admittedly, a better descriptor than the awful roguelike-like. It's a side-scrolling hack 'n slash platformer that randomly generates its hazard-filled castle. In typical roguelike fashion, you will die a lot, and when you do, it's your children that continue the family business of heroing. As the trailer explains, those heirs can have some peculiar genetic traits.

Traits include dyslexia, tourette's and irritable bowel syndrome, among others. Rich is playing it in the office right now, and has just rolled an heir who's specific quirk rendered the entire game - text and all - upside down. It didn't go well.

You can find Rogue Legacy in all the usual digital shops, as well as on the official site , where there's also a demo. And I've just spotted it's been made by the creators of Don't Shit Your Pants, which has reminded me of the existence of Don't Shit Your Pants. If you never played that game, there's you next ten minutes sorted.

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