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Rising Storm release date announced - Red Orchestra 2's Pacific expansion lands tomorrow

Tripwire have announced the release date for Rising Storm , their Pacific-based standalone expansion to Red Orchestra 2. As well as the new setting, it promises ferocious asymmetrical battles, authentic weaponry, and soldier morale. If all that sounds like something you'll need time to mentally prepare for, then bad news: the World War 2 multiplayer FPS will be invading Steam tomorrow.

In addition to the base game, Tripwire are offering a Digital Deluxe edition, which includes the following:

There's a 15% discount available for pre-orders, along with an additional 25% off for existing owners of Red Orchestra 2.

For more on Rising Storm, and how Tripwire have shaped the game to better fit its Pacific setting, check out our preview . Or see the previous GDC trailer below.

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