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Realism Theater: watch this Arma 2 battle video

arma 2 gameplay video

Maybe I'm getting mushy about a game I tend to not shut up about , but this clip captures so much of the uncertainty, fun panic, on-the-fly decision-making and teamwork that I love about Arma.

It doesn't feature sick headshots set to this song . There're a few lulls. There's no flashy camera work. But it does showcase real communication, spatial awareness, patience, improvisation, and a little bravery. Stuff unique to the multiplayer we're privy to on PC. Listen closely, and you can distinguish between the proximity-based and simulated radio voice chatter.

Okay, a guy does get trapped inside level geometry at one point. We cannot pretend to understand war.

Pull it down at 1080p if you can. It's worth the wait.

If this stuff appeals to you, go talk to the guys at United Operations . They're a great group, and they've been doing this stuff for years. As long as you play in a way that respects everyone else's fun, you'll be welcomed.

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