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Rayman Legends launch trailer is as lovely as you'd expect

Rayman Legends

Look, I enjoy brutal, senseless violence as much as the next cynically desensitised 20-something jerk. Even so, just look at this thing! Are you even allowed to put this many colours into a game without some sort of special permit? If not, we'll have to hide this Rayman Legends launch trailer from the fun police, else they will definitely confiscate it for being so damn happy.

The game is out this Friday in the UK and mainland Europe, with the American release following next week on September 3rd. In a shock-twist, the PC release is still scheduled for the same date as the console versions, although, as a Ubisoft game, it is still possible that could change. Hopefully it won't. Rayman Origins was an excellent platformer and, from the looks of things, Legends is set to be more inventively charming joy.

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