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Playing RUSE with Kinect

Playing RUSE with Kinect

Ever since Microsoft showed their motion sensing controller that lets you use your body to control games, many of us entertained ideas of a Minority Report style future in which we could command our operating systems with casual flaps of our hands, or use frantic waves to martial troops in a strategy game. What we got was a tiger stroking game and some dancing.

Thankfully it wasn't long before hackers had cracked the system and started adapting it to work on the PC. The latest hack adds motion support to Ubisoft's recent strategy game, RUSE. below you'll find a video of the technology in action

As brilliant as this is, it still doesn't look as efficient as a mouse, but the precision with which the player's movements are tracked is pretty impressive. Would you play a strategy game using Kinect?

[via RPS ]

Tom Senior
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