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Old-school RPG Tower of Time will leave Early Access in April

Tower of Time, a "new take on classic RPGs" about a shattered land, a mysterious tower, and a gang of champions who decide to venture inside and see what's cooking, was expected to trade Early Access for full release by the end of 2017. A quick trip to Steam will reveal that it did not happen. It will (hopefully) happen soon, however, as developer Event Horizon now says that it will be ready for release in April. 

The Early Access version of the game has been updated and now includes an estimated 30 hours of play, double what was available in the initial EA release, with more than 100 enemy types and 500 possible upgrades on the skill tree. There's also a new "Arrow Time" system, which the studio described as "bullet-time for CRPGs: It allows players to slow down combat or even pause it completely, enabling true strategic development as the battle unfolds."   

That sounds a lot like the real-time with pause system made famous in Baldur's Gate, although these days I think Divinity: Original Sin is probably the better comparison, even if it is fully turn-based. Those are tough acts to follow, but at this point the response on Steam is quite positive, and the new gameplay trailer looks promising. None of which guarantees anything, but I think it's one worth keeping an eye on. You can find out more about Tower of Time at

Andy Chalk
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