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New Microsoft Flight Simulator video shows off dozens of lifelike airports

It's almost hard to believe that Microsoft Flight Simulator releases in less than week: the latest trailer contributes to the general feeling that it's too good to be true. In four minutes, the above video showcases dozens of planes and airports, from airliners to Cessnas, from the United Kingdom to New Zealand. It's definitely very pretty in 4K, but you'll probably need a heavy duty rig to play it this way.

While pretty, the trailer is also useful if you want to know what you're getting (or missing out on) with the various editions. The back half of the video shows a handful of the 'Premium Deluxe' and 'Deluxe' planes and airports you'll gain access to if you go with those versions. As always it's a tad confusing: Fraser runs it down here.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator release date is August 18. For more footage with less of a marketing vibe, Andy Kelly played a bunch of the game last month. Here he is flying over famous places and landmarks, and here he is flying straight into lightning storms, the maniac.

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