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Neverwinter invites you to its Whispering Caverns - it would be rude to say no

Neverwinter is here, and like the British summer it's currently in open beta - meaning it suffers from the odd rain cloud now and again. Still, if you're a fan of dungeons and/or dragons and/or free things, you should probably get stuck in . This latest video takes us on a brief tour through the Whispering Caverns - a lovely family picnic spot located just outside Neverwinter, off the M1. Oh. It's actually a giant labyrinth of tunnels filled with all manner of beasties such as giant spiders and my nemesis the Beholder (pictured above). I don't think Nan would like that. I don't think Nan would like that at all .

I'm off to find a less horrifying place to take the family - I've heard Oblivion's nice this time of year . While I'm gone, don't touch the following video, or the accompanying dev diary , found via Joystiq/Massively .