Affected by Neverwinter's launch issues? Here are some workarounds

Online games almost always run into trouble during their grand launches, as us online gamers are only too aware. For many games, it's the first time they've been introduced to such a wide audience, and the resulting stress and unearthing of bugs is often more than the developers might anticipate. Why, you could almost feel sorry for them - almost . Of course, not being able to play a game you've paid for sucks, and it might be something you've experienced with the launch of Neverwinter's open beta. While the team at Perfect World try to wrangle the queue issues, here are some obscure fixes for other problems you might be having.

The sudden influx of players in the new free-to-play MMO has led to numerous players stranded before a buggy launcher that won't let them in-game. Staff at the Perfect World forum will probably be up all night, stomping bugs. It'll be nasty work for them, but it turns out that if you have any of the following error messages, the problems are quite easily fixable:

The patch client got a message while it was in a state with no response function OR Trying to update the launcher. Be patient. Tried connecting 1 time.

You are advised to visit a download link listed on the forum , and to replace your existing .exe with the newly downloaded file.

403 error.

Visit the Redeem Key page. No, you don't actually need a key to redeem; just visiting this page should be enough to solve this particular error.

CrypticError: Oops! Your Cryptic application has crashed. To help us out, please indicate what was going on at the time of the crash, while we gather information.

Are you running Mumble and/or Teamviewer? Close 'em. It's awkward if that's what you're using to communicate with your pals in-game, but hopefully there'll be a proper fix soon.

More issues can be found at Neverwinter's General Discussion forums. Are you playing? Have you mentioned to defeat the queue and get in-game yet?