N v2.0 released, adding new levels and local multiplayer to the hardcore platformer

N2-0 thumb

Let your attention drift from this video for even a moment and you'll miss the feature list for the updated N version 2.0 , which is appended to a slightly maddening gallery of split second level shots. Think of it as a test. If you can't stay focused for the one minute and two seconds required to learn about the new levels, 2-player co-op, integrated level sharing and "Fun-lockables", you're going to have a really tough time progressing through the game itself.

Metanet Software's upgrade to the free 2D platformer is out now, introducing new levels, alongside a "best-of" of from N v1.4, and XBLA's N+. You also get an improved level editor, the "expert" challenge of Arcade Mode, and a new account system for storing created levels and high-scores.

You can download N v2.0 from the N website .

Thanks, Polygon .