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Monaco's fourth and final free update is "brutally difficult", you'll be pleased to hear

After years of development, and years of post -development, Pocketwatch Games have finally stopped tinkering with their stylish top-down heist-'em-up Monaco . The fourth and final free update, the aptly named Fin, adds a "brutally difficult" new eight-level campaign to the game, as announced on Steam a couple of days ago. To celebrate the end of a brilliantly heisty era, Monaco's price has been slashed by 75% for the next two days. If you'd rather experience the game over one beautiful weekend instead, it's also currently (temporarily) free.

Monaco's creator Andy Schatz talks about the update, and the game in general, in this heartfelt blog post . Here's a snippet:

"I designed Monaco on paper in 2003 when I was still an employee of a much bigger (now defunct) game developer. Development started in October of 2009. Andy Nguyen joined the team in May 2011. The game launched in April 2013. One year later, nearly a million copies of the game sold, and it's time to move on.

"It's time to bring something new into the world. It's time to start over. It's time for us to earn your attention again."

The recently announced Armada will likely have something to do with that.

Thanks, Joystiq .