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Might and Magic Heroes VI swamped by bugs, crashes, missing content

Might and Magic Heroes VI is currently kind of incredibly broken, according to justifiably angry players on the official Ubisoft forum , the game's Steam forum , and the Heroes Community forum . The massive, massive list of problems includes launching issues, missing content, crashes, freezes and invalid keys - both the base game and its recent Shades of Darkness expansion appear to have collapsed like a DRM-riddled souffle. Ubisoft haven't been terribly helpful over the weekend, but they recently updated to say that they are "working to correct" players who are still affected by the mess, pointing out that "none of your content is lost". So that's something.

The cause of the whole mess is not particularly clear, but it appears to be something to do with the recent Patch 2.1 and the equally recent Shades of Darkness expandalone - there's probably a prophecy somewhere warning humanity to keep those two things apart. If you're affected, have a browse of the increasingly angry, swelling forums for potential fixes, or hold out for Ubisoft to give the all-clear. Which will hopefully happen very soon.

Thanks to BluesNews .