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Mass Effect's telepathic jellyfish needed more nipples, apparently

A very sexy jellyfish alien
(Image credit: BioWare)

From Thane's rippling bug-like form to the mysterious Asari consort, sex appeal in Mass Effect is usually restricted to the humanoid races. But surely, in the vast expanse of the galaxy, there must be at least one person who finds the enigmatic allure of the jellyfish-like Hanar irresistible. Right?

As spotted by Game Informer, Mass Effect modder Grixdale reckons our tentacled friends just need a little help. The Sexier Hanar mod dolls up our interstellar Portuguese Men o' War with "100% more nipples" and splashes the word 'Juicy' across that curvy pneumatophore.

It's knowingly daft, and comes as a jab back at players who criticised a previous mod correcting the nipples and panty-lines on Shephard's bodycon dress.

"I took the nipples I no longer needed on the n7 dress and gave them to Blasto and the rest of the Hanar on the Citadel," said the mod's creator. "I hope the spirit of Susan B. Anthony is proud of me, because I took feminism from the 1900s and pushed us forward into 2186.

Grixdale did think about adding panty-lines (sorry, "plankton" lines) to the unfortunate Hanar, but gave up after an hour of "trying to figure out how a Hanar would wear underpants." 

"Am I proud of that? No. Was it a good use of my time? Also no."

Natalie Clayton

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