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Lumberhill is a log-chopping party game, with pandas

Admittedly, I don't know much about chopping trees. So I'm ready to believe the developer of co-op party game Lumberhill when they tell me that being abducted by pterodactyls is as much a part of the lumberjack experience as flannel shirts.

Launching alongside its latest trailer at the PC Gaming show, Lumberhill is to tree-felling what Overcooked was to food prep. Up to four flannel-wearing 'jacks race around a map, solving timber-based challenges such as felling trees, building bridges, and (in a rather odd twist), herding animals. Hey, it's 2021, we've all gotta find side-gigs somewhere.

The other twist, however, is that our 'jacks are being hurtled across time and space, a motley crew of wood-cutters from across history to lay timber together. Different maps will have you fighting pirates, rolling pandas, and fending off pterodactyls. Frankly, I'd be trying to unionise the lumberjack scene if I had to deal with this nonsense.

Lumberhill is out now on Steam.

Natalie Clayton

A one-time dog sledder, pancake flipper, alien wrangler and indie darling, Nat now scours the internet looking for the hottest PC gaming news. Destined to become Scotland's first Battlemech pilot.