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Klei trailer offers the first look at new RPG Griftlands

2D art? Cool lookin' aliens? A one-armed robot? Party combat? That's just about all we could glean from the trailer for Klei Entertainment's new game, and they aren't talkin'. Here's what we do know: it's called Griftlands, and you can see the trailer for yourself above.

Klei has a fairly diverse set of games in its back catalog, including the action sidescroller Shank and the stealth masterpiece Mark of the Ninja, but it's mostly veered towards strategy with the likes of Don't Starve, Invisible Inc., and Oxygen Not Included. The latter was first revealed at least year's PC Gaming Show, and is currently in Steam Early Access. We dig it. That doesn't tell us much about GriftLands, though.

The trailer above does give us some hints of talking to (and recruiting?) characters, human and non-human, across some pretty diverse locations. Different planets, perhaps? Combat looks like it could be a Klei twist on a classic turn-based system, but with no menus or UI to go on, that's just a shot in the dark. Take a look at the trailer yourself and see what details you can suss out.

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Wes Fenlon
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