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Indie Royale's Arclight bundle features upcoming AI War expansion, other Arcen games

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By my count, over 13,400 bundles are running at this moment . And now, just as one Indie Royale ends , another springs up to replace it. Maybe this is it: bundles in perpetuity. A constant stream of cheap indie games being thrown at us for the rest of eternity.

This Arclight bundle does make the idea seem palatable. It's a near-complete collection from developer Arcen Games, including the beta for the upcoming AI War expansion, Vengeance of the Machine.

The bundle contains AI War: Fleet Command, all five expansions, A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2, Shattered Haven and Tidalis. The only thing missing is the recently released god game strategy, Skyward Collapse .

The bundle is set to run for the next week, becoming more expensive as people buy, but dropping in response to those that pay over the minimum. That minimum is currently around £3.17.

Phil Savage
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