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If you're having trouble with Wolcen, Grim Dawn is very cheap right now

Grim Dawn
(Image credit: Crate Entertainment )

ARPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem's recent launch has been a bit of a disaster, with players experiencing game-breaking bugs, numerous glitches, server issues, an exploitable economy, and an overall lack of polish. If Wolcen has irritated your itch rather than scratched it, fellow ARPG Grim Dawn is currently 75 percent off on Steam and isn't held together by chewing gum and sellotape. 

Grim Dawn is best known for being the spiritual successor to Diablo 2, but you'll feel right at home if you've played any modern ARPGs, too. Both of the dark fantasy's expansions, Forgotten Gods and Ashes on Monmouth, are also discounted for 20 percent and 30 percent respectively. 

At full price it's $26/£20, but with the 75 percent discount the price tag has fallen to $6/£5. There's also a Grim Dawn bundle that includes the base game plus the Crucible Mode DLC, both the Steam Loyalist Items Packs, the Ashes of Malmouth expansion, and the forgot gods expansion for a total of $54/£41. 

We gave it a glowing review, while its most recent expansion, Forgotten Gods, has a coveted place on our best action-RPGs you should be playing in 2020 list for its arcanepunk setting, unique classes, and the adventure mode-like Shattered Realm.