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Humans Must Answer: ex-STALKER devs invade Kickstarter with indie shmup bundle

Humans Must Answer isn't the sort of project I'd expect from a bunch of ex-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. devs. Not the title - that seems right up their bleak, nihilistic alley - but the game, a 2D horizontal shoot 'em up full of colour, lasers and explosions. Then again, I suppose you can only spend so long plumbing the depths of atmospheric human misery before frantic arcade fun begins to look very appealing.

For shmup fans, the game should also look appealing. Not only because Humans Must Answer takes all the genre hallmarks, then casts you as a space-chicken getting just revenge on a ravenous human population, but also because their Kickstarter campaign has added a reward tier that bundles in two other indie shmups for your enjoyment. Pledge £7 and you'll receive the demo, and subsequent full version, of Humans Must Answer, as well as Syder Arcade and Rhythm Destruction .

It's a project that's on the modest end of the Kickstarter spectrum. Developers Sumom Games say that, whatever happens, Humans Must Answer will be released. The £5,000 target is for: "adding the extra polish the game requires, covering living costs and start-up costs that go into finishing and distributing the game." The team have just over £500 left to raise and just under 48 to raise it in, putting it in the close-but-feasible category.

For more details on Humans Must Answer, or just to snag a cheap bundle of intriguing shmups, head to the Kickstarter page .

Phil Savage
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