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Homefront to have dedicated servers

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Kaos Studios - the developer behind upcoming FPS Homefront - has confirmed that the game will feature dedicated servers. Read on for the details.

Talking to Joystiq , Homefront senior designer Brian Holinka said: "You have to think about your constraints when you're making a game, If we host a server on a console, all of a sudden, that console is both server and it's playing the game. That really lowers everything: player count, the number of vehicles, everything. Dedicated servers allow us to offload all that work and basically all the client has to worry about is running the game."

The 32-player matches will benefit from dedicated servers explains Holinka, saying: "It means everything is bigger - there's more players, more vehicles, more targets, more airstrikes."

Kaos Studios seem to be hyping up the scale of Homefront, despite the fact the player count is lower than that of Frontlines, their previous game. Holinka justified this by explaining that the team tried out larger player numbers, but found it detrimental to the experience. "We just found it wasn't fun. It just plays better at 32. If you played a level with 50 or 60 people in there, every time you turn around, you'd get shot."