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Hollow Knight, a beautifully animated 2D platformer, releases this month

Developed by Australian studio Team Cherry, Hollow Knight is a 2D platformer in the Metroidvania vein. I can't vouch for how it plays, but the trailer below demonstrates that it's at least very beautiful. And there are meatgrinders in it. I love meatgrinders – avoiding them is always lots of fun.

According to the studio Hollow Knight is "a classically styled 2D action adventure across a vast interconnected world". After a successful Kickstarter campaign and several years in development, the game releases February 25. The final game features over 130 enemies and 30 bosses, and looks like a mix between Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest. I'm looking forward to checking this out.

Here's the trailer:

Shaun is PC Gamer’s Australian Editor. He loves masochistic platformers but lacks the skill and grace to complete them. He has four broken keyboards hidden under his desk, filed between an emergency six-pack of Reschs and five years worth of XXL promotional t-shirts. He stares out the window a lot.