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Guild Wars 2 pre-orders come with beta access, £130/$150 Collector's Edition comes with big cat

Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition shot

Guild Wars 2 will be available to pre-purchase in a few weeks. Anyone who grabs the standard digital edition, the digital deluxe edition or the physical collector's edition will get access to every beta event, entry to a three day headstart session and an in-game Hero's Band, which will offer you a few stat boosts for your new character.

If you've got £130/$150 lying around, and have a domestic cat you'd quite like to scare, the collector's edition comes with a 10 inch tall statue of one of Tyria's fiercest feline warriors, The Charr. His name is Rytlock Brimstone. He has a giant flaming sword and quite likes small fluffy things.

There's lots more in the box. The standard box will cost $60. Read on for a list of what you'll get in the digital deluxe and collector's editions.

Digital Deluxe Edition ($80)

  • Guild Wars 2 game

  • Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill - lets you summon a wolf for a time in combat

  • Rytlock Miniature - an in-game statue of Rytlock

  • Golem Banker - lets you access your bank from anywhere for five days

  • Chalice of Glory - grants a one-time boost to glory earned in PvP

  • Tome of Influence - a one-off boost to your guild's influence, which can be used to buy guild vaults and emblems

Collector's edition (£130/$150)

  • Contains everything in the Digital Deluxe Edition PLUS

  • 10-inch figurine of Rytlock - see a bigger picture of him below

  • 112 page Making of Guild Wars 2 book - concept art, dev team interviews, all that jazz

  • Custom Art Frame - For your concept art prints

  • Art Portfolio and Five Art Prints

  • Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD

The differences between each version are listed over on the Guild Wars 2 site , and there's plenty more on the big, expensive pack on the Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition page . They'll go on sale on April 10. What do you reckon, is £130/$150 worth it for the concept art and cat statue? Here's a bigger picture of him. Click to make him LARGE AND FEARSOME.

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