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Guild Wars 2 planning a Dragon Bash - it's not what you think

In normal fantasy parlance, a Dragon Bash would be a thing that you do to a dragon, preferably with a giant bludgeoning device. In Guild Wars 2 , it's an upcoming update, bringing a celebratory festival to the city of Lion's Arch. Admittedly, as part of the festival there will be plenty of dragon bashing - it's just that these particular wyrms are of the smaller, less dangerous piñata family.

Folk music? Officially the most terrifying Guild Wars 2 update yet.

Kicking off June 11th, Lion's Arch will be transformed into the "bustling epicentre" of the month long event, redecorated with giant holograms and firework displays. As well as the candy dropping piñatas, players will find mini-projectors throughout the world, containing holographic minions which grant special reward chests. Players will also get to try a series of minigames, including Moa Racing, and magic dodge-ball variant Dragon Ball.

In addition to the festivities, the update will also provide PvP improvements, including more accurate leaderboards and an Authorized Shoutcaster Program.

For the full round-up of Dragon Bash activities and rewards, head to the Guild Wars 2 update page .

Phil Savage
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