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GOG 'Adrenaline Rush' event now live, promises free games

Nice try, Steam. You may have a bewildering selection of cheap games and a bizarre (and seemingly rigged) competitive point gathering system, but you aren't giving away free games. GOG are. For instance, get to their front page before 11:59 am EDT, and you can secure Omerta: City of Gangsters for free. And if you've missed that, the store is planning more giveaways throughout the day. Update: Torchlight is currently free on GOG until 9 pm EDT! Go grab it.

"Right now, on our front page, you can find 30 amazing FLASH DEALS at once," explains GOG's news page . "They're coming your way in a great tidal wave, with new deals popping up every single hour. The time has also come for our first special FLASH GIVEAWAY ... Grab a free copy of the gangster strategy title, Omerta: City of Gangsters. You can find it among the stream of other flash sales! That's only the first of the giveaways we have planned for today, so make sure to keep an eye out for more throughout the Adrenaline Rush day."

The free games are being seeded into the big list of flash sales that are rolling across GOG's front page. Keep an eye out every couple of hours, and you're likely to pick up a few free treats before the day is done.

Phil Savage
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