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Football Manager 2018 will feature a new graphics engine, better AI, and 'dynamics'

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We reported last month that Football Manager 2018, the somewhat popular soccer boss sim, will be out on November 10. Today, by way of a literal "fake news report," developer Sports Interactive has revealed a little bit about the changes players can look forward to in the new game. 

Most of the above video is just faux-speculation about upgraded AI, a new graphics engine, revamped scouting options, and "dynamics," whatever that means. All the features mentioned are presumably actually on the way, but it's presented as breathless, unsubstantiated hype—the rumor mill has reached a fever pitch!—until Sports Interactive gaffer Miles Jacobson shows up at around the 2:40 mark. 

Jacobson doesn't delve into great detail, but he confirms that the scouting system in Football Manager 2018 will "better reflect how real clubs recruit players," and that it will feature "improved stadium designs and match presentation, [and] increased depth to sports science and tactics." It also come with a new graphics engine, and those previously mentioned "dynamics," which he describes as "one of our big new features for this year," although he declines to explain what it actually is.   

All will presumably be revealed in October, when Sports Interactive will release a series of videos covering all the changes and new features in more depth. Football Manager 2018 is available for prepurchase now on Steam for $50/£38/€55, with a 25 percent discount available to owners of FM17