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First-person puzzler Kairo gets demo, release date

Abstract first-person puzzle game Kairo becomes a little less mysterious with the announcement of a release date – October 21st – plus a demo to cut your teeth on before the full game arrives in a matter of


We haven't mentioned Richard Perrin's atmospheric exploration puzzle game before, but if you imagine Myst – no wait, come back! If you imagine Myst, then replace the pre-rendered postcards with actual rooms full of actual objects, then you're halfway there. Add a haunting soundtrack and a suitably alien visual style, and you have Kairo. (Not to be confused with the origin of J-Horror .)

You can get the demo here , but if you're the type that likes to pay for things before you actually play them, a pre-order will grant you access to the beta build. Behold Kairo in all its ethereal glory below.