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Fable Fortune's Early Access release has been delayed

Fable Fortune, the Fable-based CCG announced in May 2016 by a team of ex-Lionhead developers calling itself Flaming Fowl Studios, was scheduled to go into Early Access this month—which, as the calendar hounds among you will have noted, is tomorrow. However, as you've doubtless already worked out, a bump in the road has been struck, leading to the delay outlined in this blog post.

"Due to an unexpected administration hiccup we are unfortunately unable to launch the Xbox One version of Fable Fortune next week and we’ve made the decision to move the launch date back to July 25th on all platforms," the developers said. "This is to make sure Fable Fortune releases on PC and Xbox simultaneously, so we can make the most of cross-play between the platforms. Sadly this is an unavoidable slip, however the PC beta is still rolling and we will be giving away more keys over the next few weeks." 

The closed beta on PC has been underway for awhile now, but is invite-only. The move to Early Access the apparently-more-troublesome Xbox Game Preview would open the game up to anyone willing to purchase a Founder's Pack, while a full free-to-play release is expected later this year. More information about the game, including the basics of how to play, is up at

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