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Evolve trailer reveals four new hunters, shows them doing what they do best

Previously on 24 Evolve: Evan went hands-on with Turtle Rock's Hunters-v-Monster game and left impressed, but with a few concerns; and Phil discovered the game's release date down the back of his sofa. (It's releasing October 21st.) (Evolve, not Phil's sofa.) Now: I bring you five minutes of new gameplay footage narrated by various hirsute developers from Turtle Rock. You can find it - where else? - after the break.

The above video offers a glimpse of newly revealed hunters Hyde (from the Assault class), Maggie (a Trapper), the aptly named Lazarus (the group's Medic), and the robotic Bucket (Support class, and possible relation to Hyacinth ).

Read Evan's hands-on for his impressions of this promising Left 4 Dead-style co-op shooter.