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EVGA expands TORQ mouse line with four new models

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Evga X5 Mouse

EVGA recently announced four new models in its TORQ line of gaming mice: the X3, X3L, X5, and X5L, priced at $39.99, $39.99, $49.99, and $59.99, respectively.

All four models are ambidextrous, have eight buttons, and support five different button profiles. The X3 and X5 are optical, with Pixart sensors, while the X3L and X5L feature the Avago 9500 and Avago 9800 laser sensors, respectively.

The primary difference between these four mice and the rest of the TORQ line (the X10 and X10 Carbon) is that the newcomers don't allow for adjustable weight and height. The X3 and X3L are both rated for 10 million clicks, while the X5 and X5L double that number.

The X3 has 4000 max DPI, the X3L has 5000, the X5 has 6400, and the X5L towers over the rest with 8200 max DPI. (The X10 and X10 Carbon are both also laser mice rated at 8200 DPI.) The X3 features a red LED light, while the other three have a full RGB LED.

One catch: the X3L is exclusive to Best Buy, for some reason. It is, at least, a nice shade of blue.

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