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EVE Online video outlines Odyssey expansion, parodies like it's 2001

You have to watch this wonderfully goofy video for Eve Online's upcoming Odyssey expansion, which is set to deploy in just two days. In addition to redoing the hanger interiors and a load of other stuff, Odyssey improves the game's atmospheric audio, changes the way resources are handled, and even adds a hacking minigame. But more importantly, it's inspired this development video, which parodies Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut 2001: A Space Odyssey to the brilliantly discordant strains of the Portsmouth Sinfonia. So watch, learn, and try to steer clear of any giant space-embyros. Those guys are just the worst.

A-ha! This is where I would normally embed the relevant video, but CCP/HAL have disabled it for some reason. So here's that link again - and here's the story of how Eve Online got started in the first place.

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