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Epic's 2020 Holiday Sale kicks off with daily giveaways and 'unlimited coupons'

Epic Games Storey Holiday Sale 2020
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The Epic Games Store's Holiday Sale 2020 is now underway, featuring discounts of up to 80 percent and the return of "unlimited" $10 coupons—you get one to start things off when you log into your account, and then more for each eligible purchase you make. Also: free games.

The 15 Days of Free Games event sees Epic go from weekly giveaways to daily, beginning alongside the start of the sale today with the outstanding city builder Cities: Skylines. Each game goes on the block for just 24 hours, so grab the ones you want when you see them.

A few sale highlights to consider include:

To make browsing and buying a little easier, Epic has also added a couple of new filters to the store, including "Holiday Sale 2020" and "$14.99 and above," that being the minimum purchase price in order to be eligible for coupon use.

The free games will roll out every 24 hours (switching over at 11 am ET, for those watching the clock) until January 1, while the Epic Store Holiday Sale 2020 is live until January 7, 2021.

Update: The $10 Epic Store coupons are only supposed to be eligible for full game purchases, but due to an oversight some customers have been able to put them toward DLC or add-on purchases as well. If you're one of these customers, all is well—you bought it, you keep it—but now that Epic has noticed, it's flipped the proverbial switch and the coupons are no longer applicable to anything but games. 

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