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Elite: Dangerous surface recon vehicles detailed in lengthy video

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.42.10 pm

Frontier Developments hosted a livestream earlier today demonstrating the forthcoming Horizons expansion for Elite: Dangerous. Horizons – as we've detailed thoroughly before – will introduce planetary exploration to the space sandbox via SRVs, or surface recon vehicles. We've seen a little bit of footage showing what the actual surface of planets will be like, but the video above shows a solid hour worth of space dune buggy action (skip to the 7 minute mark to get straight into the action).

As you'll see, the Frontier Developments reps offer a pretty thorough explanation of the SRV's interface, as well as how development and debugging is progressing. At a glance the SRV physics are a lot of fun: I can see organized buggy racing happening throughout the Dangerous universe, and barrell-rolling mid-air looks like a lot of fun.

Horizons will be a paid expansion to the core game. It's expected to release this winter, or summer in Australia.

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