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Dragons are appearing in Apex Legends and stealing death boxes

Apex Legends season 2 doesn't kick off for a couple of weeks, but some big changes are already happening in the game. Great, dragon-like beasts are soaring majestically through the skies above Kings Canyon—and players are blasting the hell out of them. 

Data miners have previously dug up information pointing at the appearance of flyers and other creatures in Apex Legends (Twitter user Shrugtal found an image of a "flyer" back in March), and lead producer Drew McCoy teased the appearance of dragons during the EA Play event at E3. But the reasonable assumption was that all of this would arrive with season two or something thereafter, not today, with zero warning.   

Yet that's clearly the case, as multiple players and streamers have shared videos of the flyers. As you can see in a couple of them, aside from just flying around they can also carry death boxes, which adds a practical reason for blowing them out of the sky. I don't know if they present an actual danger to Apex players or if they're strictly scavengers, but either way they don't seem very durable. 

Neither Respawn nor EA have said anything official about the flyers yet, but we're keeping our eyes open. In the meantime, have you seen one of these high-flying beasties during your Apex adventures? Let us know in the comments.

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