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Doom trailer shows off SnapMap level editor


There are few games more important to the history of modding than Doom. The original led to ZDoom, GZDoom, and now Gloome (and of course to celebrated mods like Brutal Doom). The Dark Mod was originally built on Doom 3, and the world would be a far poorer place without that endless repository of Thief missions. That's why it's disappointing that the new Doom won't feature modding support—but its SnapMap level editor should be a fun tool to mess around with anyway.

Bethesda has detailed SnapMap in a new trailer. Or should we say, a trailer from E3 featuring an interview with id Software's Marty Stratton and a few others. They talk over some footage of the level editor, and it does look pretty easy-to-use, if more limited than proper modding support would be. Still, in the accompanying Bethesda blog post, Stratton says that “you can go to a level of detail that allows you to create completely custom game modes", so it should be a mite more powerful than many similar level editing tools. (Ta, Blue's News.)

Doom is due out next Spring, and it's pretty darn gory, in case you were in any doubt. Ian played the game at Quakecon, and left impressed.