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Diablo 2's rogue encampment is being upscaled by a modder

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(Image credit: zomprd)

Modder zomprd has been upscaling parts of Diablo 2 and is planning to eventually release a demo containing a playable slice of the game with sharpened graphics. These HQ textures are being generated using ESRGAN, and they sure do look a lot less blurry than the original does at its maximum resolution of 800 x 600.

Now, zomprd isn't working on a full texture pack for Diablo 2 unfortunately, but hopes that releasing a playable demo of one portion of it might inspire others who can do the full thing. Which would be nice.

You can see a gallery of zomprd's work on imgur, with the new images on the left. They sure do look a lot less like the before images on an advertisement for new glasses.

Jody Macgregor

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