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Dead Rising 4 to add photography challenges and other fan-requested features

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In his review last year, Leif praised Dead Rising 4 for recapturing the playful side of series despite being "too easy" overall. Capcom Vancouver is now adding a glut of complimentary player-requested features in a bid to change that.

'Human Enemy Improvements' makes battling the game's 'Maniac' human adversaries more meaningful and rewarding. These mindless foes will now carry weapons that better suit their character, while Frank will be rewarded for identifying each baddie's weakness. So-called Maniac Minions—subordinates of the higher-ups—will attack Frank in hordes, in turn upping the challenge of individual encounters. 

Capcom Vancouver is also adding six new 'Distress Call' scenarios that have Frank helping survivors in scripted missions. Upon completion of each task, Frank will then be required to defend his new pals from oncoming zombie hordes.

"The team is also looking at additional ways to improve the overall gameplay experience," says Capcom here. "These include improved controller responsiveness, faster attack speed, faster zombie horde awareness, more aggressive pursuit, rebalanced weapon distribution, improved zombie AI, mission tuning and more."

This update free of charge to existing Dead Rising owners. It's due December 5, 2017.