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Dark Souls 2: The Lost Crown footage emerges, promises plenty of death

Last week, From Software announced their planned Lost Crown trilogy of Dark Souls 2 DLC, starting with The Crown of the Sunken King in July. Now, through the magic of video capturing, you can see how it will play. Well, you can see how it will play with someone competent at the controls. I dare say, for many people, the actual experience will feature a whole lot more dying.

The footage was shown as part of GameTrailers interview with Dark Souls 2 global producer Atsuo Yoshimura.

Yoshimura reveals that this first DLC chapter will take place in an area called The Poisoned Winds, and will feature two potential paths—one with the expected level of Dark Souls 2 difficulty, and another more challenging route, designed to be tackled with a summoned soul at your side. I wonder how quickly speedrunners will be able to tame that.

The Crown of the Sunken King will be available on July 22, followed by The Crown of the Old Iron King on August 26 and The Crown of the Ivory King on September 24.

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