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Cyber Monday CPU deals 2019

Cyber Monday CPU deals 2019
(Image credit: AMD, Intel)

Over the next few days we'll be tracking the best Cyber Monday CPU deals here, because a processor is one of the most important aspects of any PC build. Sure you can cheap out on an older model, but when it comes to playing new games you'll struggle. It's almost always the CPU that limits the performance of modern, resource-hungry games, not the GPU. And if you have a meaty GPU but an inferior processor, you'll get a performance bottleneck that can be massively frustrating.

Where to find Cyber Monday deals

Amazon - All the things
Walmart - Games, Movies, Budget Laptops
B&H - Monitors, Laptops, and PCs
Best Buy - PCs, Laptops, and Accessories
Target - Games, Accessories, and Laptops
Staples - Gaming Chairs
Lenovo - Discounts on Legion Laptops and PCs
Gamestop - Games and Toys
Razer - Laptops and Gaming Accessories
Newegg - Components and Hardware 
Microsoft - PCs, Laptops, and Games
Dell - Alienware PCs and Laptops
NZXT - 10% off all builds

Below you'll find a number of Cyber Monday processor deals: everything from high-end CPUs to budget CPUs. Whether you're building a state-of-the-art PC that can handle Red Dead Redemption 2 maxed out, or something more modest to play the classics or less demanding games, you're sure to find something affordable.

Fast processors aren't just for gaming rigs, either: if you're building a media center and you're planning on playing 4K videos, or doing high-res edits, you'll need a reliable CPU. As a general rule, high clockspeeds and more cores are what you want when it comes to running graphics-intensive games.

Top gaming CPU deals

Best gaming CPU deals right now

Here are our picks for the best Black Friday CPU deals right now, while Black Friday slams down on the gas pedal. Retailers are frantically price-matching and stock tends to go quickly, so be sure to keep a close eye on these Black Friday CPU deals throughout the day. 

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X | $329.99 (Save $69)
It's the 3800X's lowest price yet, an affordable high-end pick with great performance for the price. This beast also comes with a few freebies: a Prism LED cooler and either Borderlands 3 or The Outer Worlds with three months of Xbox Game Pass. View Deal

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X | $299.99 (Save $30)
A very small step down from the 3800X, the 3700X is also an 8-core/16-thread CPU, just with slightly lower clocks. In most games, it's difficult to tell the difference, but you save $30 and still get a choice of Borderlands 3 or The Outer Worlds, plus three months of Xbox Game Pass.View Deal

AMD Ryzen 6 2600 | $114.99 (Save $84)
If you can't quite muster the cash for a 2700X, the 2600 does the job just fine. An excellent budget pick for starter PCs, and it comes with a couple months of Xbox Game Pass for PC  for free. Grab it while it's at record lows. View Deal

Intel Core i5-9600K | $199.99 (Save $80)
The 9600K has never been this affordable, a cheaper alternative to the 9700K, also squarely focused on gaming performance. View Deal

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X | $159.99 (Save $170) | Expired
The 2700X has never been cheaper. A great mid-range pick and one of our favorite AMD processors released last year, the 2700X still stacks up today, with comporable performance ot the i9-7900K. At this cheap, it feels mean to call it a budget pick.View Deal

We're collecting all the best deals from across the web for PC gaming, from the latest graphics cards to the most comfortable gaming chairs, and everything in-between. Stay tuned to PC Gamer all through Black Friday and Cyber Monday for up to the minute savings.

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When will the Cyber Monday CPU deals end?

With retailers extending sales windows and Cyber Monday pushing into December this year, these CPU deals will likely stick around, albeit with slightly higher prices.

How to save money on CPUs during Cyber Monday

With so many deals raining down artillery savings from every retailer on Black Friday, finding a CPU that works for your ideal PC and budget ain't easy. But there are a few things you can keep in mind while on the hunt to find the best Black Friday CPU deal for you. 

1. Figure out what's important
What are you hoping to achieve with a new CPU? Are you looking for a minor upgrade or a total sea-change? Do you want to focus on gaming performance or multi-tasking, like recording footage or Twitch streaming? Do you want to play with your CPU and try your hand at overclocking. Generally, the more cores and higher clockspeeds means a better CPU, but be sure to look out for features like hyper-threading that multi-taskers will want to lock down, and if you're looking to overclock, make sure the CPU you're eyeballing supports it. Reading the fine print always helps. 

2. Bookmark price comparison websites
We work around the clock from Black Friday to Cyber Monday to post the best possible deals we can find, bookmarking price-history sites like CamelCamelCamel always helps. CamelCamelCamel will shows price histories for products on Amazon, so it's helpful when looking for price drop trends, especially around Black Friday. Amazon stocks just about everything in the world, so it's helpful for checking prices against other retailers too, like Best Buy, Newegg, and Walmart. 

3. Look out for bundle deals and other extras
Retailers love to compete for attention with little freebies, and CPUs are hot contenders for such deals. Look out for free game codes, a few free months of Xbox Game Pass, free coolers, and the like. Mail-in rebates are common too, and while we get that sending in physical mail for a computer component is a bit akin to taking your horse to the gas station, every bit of saving helps. 

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