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Cube World launches on September 30

Cube World is a comeback story no one expected. After going silent over five years ago, people assumed this Minecraft-inspired RPG was vaporware, but earlier this month developer Wolfram von Funck shocked everyone by announcing that Cube World was indeed coming out, and now we know just how soon.

Cube World releases on September 30 on Steam. There's still no price listed, but those who purchased Cube World's alpha all the way back in 2013 will automatically get a Steam key for the full release. Alpha buyers will also be able to play a beta that is launching on Monday, September 23, a full week ahead of Cube World's full launch.

If you're unfamiliar with Cube World, its new launch trailer, shown above, does a great job of showing you what it's all about. You might think it mere another Minecraft clone, but Cube World is more like an action RPG set in a procedural voxel universe and has four classes to choose from. There's still a lot of Minecrafty stuff about it too, though, like crafting and animal taming, but I'm excited to see Cube World's spin in the formula.

Steven Messner
Steven enjoys nothing more than a long grind, which is precisely why his specialty is on investigative feature reporting on China's PC games scene, weird stories that upset his parents, and MMOs. He's Canadian but can't ice skate. Embarrassing.