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City of Titans fully funded, hits first Kickstarter stretch goal

A mere five days ago we saw the launch of a Kickstarter project for City of Titans, the spiritual successor to crime-fighting MMO City of Heroes . Developer Missing Worlds Media has now blown past its funding goal of $320,000 and shows no signs of a significant slowdown. With funds topping $360,000 as of this writing, City of Titans has already unlocked its first stretch goal, an Android port of the Avatar Builder.

In a post thanking Kickstarter backers, City of Titans project lead Chris Hare writes , “It's going to take a while. We all know that. MMOs take a long time to launch, and we'll probably slip a deadline or two. We will get other things out to you sooner. Parts, bits and pieces that are fun on their own, that will integrate into the final game. The Character Generator program comes first. Costumes and sliders and backgrounds. Possibly we'll be able to fit other things into it, but I don't want to count my chickens before I've irradiated their eggs with Kirbonium.”

City of Titans is planned for release in later 2015, so it has a long way to go. The Kickstarter , meanwhile, also has another 26 days on the clock.