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Bundle Stars offers 33% off Shadow of Mordor for the next 48 hours

Shadow of Mordor

Sound the deal gong; chime the bargain bell; honk the, er, sale horn? Do whatever it is you do to celebrate a new game being sold on the cheap, for that is what is happening right now.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a very good game—one that features an unbelievable amount of orc death. For the next 48 hours, Bundle Stars are offering a substantial 33% off it. It's now £20/$33.33 for the main game, and £13.33/$16.66 for the season pass. All this lasts until 5pm BST on 23 October. This is a Steam key sale, so you'll need to use that service to play the game.

A sort-of-related question: what do you think of doing a news on this? In the past, we've reported on bundles and big sales, but rarely on solid price cuts to recently released games. Is this a useful thing you'd like more of? If it helps, I could pair them with pictures of small animals.

Here is a stoat:

A Stoat

This is good web content, right?

Yes? No? Let me know in the comments.

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