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Borderlands 3 VIP Codes: Active point codes and how to redeem them

borderlands 3 vip codes
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If one thing is clear with Borderlands 3, it's this: Gearbox would like to make sure people keep playing it for a long time. As part of that mission, the Vault Insider Program (VIP, get it?) was born. Players earn VIP points that are redeemable for new weapons and cosmetics, and there are already a ton of these codes floating around, with more coming every day.

We're collecting them so you don't have to go hunting, and we'll tell you how to redeem them and what they can unlock.

Borderlands 3 VIP codes are separate from the Borderlands 3 SHiFT Codes you can (and should) redeem for golden keys, which can unlock some rare loot.

What are Borderlands VIP codes?

Gearbox's Vault Insider Program is always giving away VIP codes in one of five forms: Vault, Email, Boost, Creator, and Diamond. Every code type is redeemed for VIP points, which are added to your VIP account to be redeemed for in-game weapons, cosmetics, and more. Rewards redeemed on the site are transferred to whichever platform you have linked to the account.

If you're playing on PC, make sure to link your Epic Games account before you start redeeming codes.

How to redeem VIP codes

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Once you're signed up for the Vault Insider Program, you can find the code redemption page by hovering over the Insiders section at the top and clicking Redeem Code. That'll give you a whole bunch of options with different types of redeemable codes.

Each code type is explained below. For golden keys, head over to our Borderlands 3 SHiFT Codes guide.

Borderlands 3 VIP Email codes

Codes received by VIP members via email on a regular basis that don't expire, as far as we know. (Usually 250-1000 points)

RARESPAWNHUNT - Email - 250pts

YOUCOMPLETEME - Email - 250pts

EDEMONSTER - Email - 250pts



DONTFORGET - Email - 1000pts


PS4MAYHEM - Email - 500pts

MAYHEM - Vault - 250pts

ITSABOUTTIME - Vault - 500pts

OVERABILLION - Email - 1000pts

DIGISTRUCT - Vault - 250pts

OVERONEBILLION - Email - 250pts

ALMOSTTHERE - Email - 1000pts

UNBLINKINGEYE - Email - 1000pts

JABBER - Email - 1000pts

ITSHERE - Email - 1000pts

MADSKILLZ - Email - 250pts

DUCTTAPEMOD - Email - 250pts

ABCEASYAS123 - Email - 250pts

FORTNITEXMAYHEM - Email - 250pts 

OVERCLOCKED - Email - 250pts

BUILDURSQUAD - Email - 250pts

LESSTHANTHREE - Email - 250pts

DASHERZ - Email - 250pts

POWERUPEMAIL - Email - 250pts

FRESHBOOTY - Email - 250pts

ONTHEHUNT - Email - 250pts 

MYMAIN - Email - 250pts 

CLAPTASTIC - Email - 250pts 

SOHAPPYTOGETHER - Email - 250pts

HEYSUGAR - Email - 250pts 

2KLOVE - Email - 500pts 

BL3ATE3 - Email - 250pts 

FIGHT4SANCTUARY - Email - 250pts

LOOTLOOTLOOT - Email - 250pts

JOYPUKE - Email - 250pts

BL3REVEAL - Email - 100pts 

BL3WELCOME - Email - 250pts

ALLABOARD - Email - 250pts

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Borderlands 3 VIP Vault codes

Common codes that often expire after an unspecified amount of time. (Usually 100-250 points)

MAYHEM - Vault - 250pts

ITSABOUTTIME - Vault - 500pts

DIGISTRUCT - Vault - 250pts 

PLAYERONEVIP - Vault - 100pts

AIRLEMAGVIP - Vault - 250pts 

TWOWEEKS - Vault - 250pts

SEVENDAYS - Vault - 250pts 

DREAMLANDVIP - Vault - 100pts 

INTERTOYSVIP - Vault - 100pts

ALLYOURGAMESVIP - Vault - 100pts

NEDGAMEVIP - Vault - 100pts

YOURGAMEZONEVIP - Vault - 100pts

GAMEMANIAVIP - Vault - 100pts

EHRENMANN - Vault - 200pts

BOLVIP - Vault - 100pts

MEDIAMARKTVIP - Vault - 100pts

SMARTOYSVIP - Vault - 100pts  

JVMVIP - Vault - 250pts x 

CHILDRENOFTHEVAULT - Vault - 1000pts x 

IGNVIP - Vault - 250pts 

PWR2PLYRS - Vault - 250pts 

GAMEVIP - Vault - 100 Points 

JOYPUKE - Vault - 300pts

LOADINGBAR - Vault - 250pts 

ITSBEEN - Vault - 250pts

MYCHILIRECIPE - Vault - 250pts


CAOSENMGW - Vault - 500pts

RISENGRIND - Vault - 250pts

SPLODEOS - Vault - 250pts

SPOOKYSCARY - Vault - 250pts

BLOODYHARVEST - Vault - 250pts

Borderlands 3 VIP Creator codes

Codes tied to specific influencers generated for events. Generally expire after the event is over. Only 4 codes can be activated per event. (Usually 200-500 points)

GRIMMBONEZE3 - Creator - 200pts

LUCKYBONEZE3 - Creator 200pts

NAYSYE3 - Creator - 200pts

CURE4KIDS - Creator - 500pts

GREGORONKH - Creator - 250pts

DOKTORFROID-BL3LAUNCH - Creator - 200pts Note: only 4 creator codes per event

EARLYACCESS - Creator - 500pts

BONJWA-BL3LAUNCH - Creator - 200pts

PIETSMIET-BL3LAUNCH - Creator - 200pts

LARALOFT-BL3LAUNCH - Creator - 200pts 

COHHVIP - Creator - 250pts

Other code types: Diamond & Boost

There are a few other code types that can net you VIP points: Diamond and Boost. These are a bit different from the others because they're one-use codes sent to individuals. Because of this, there is not a public list of these codes for anyone to use. 

Diamond and Boost codes are usually worth much more than your typical Email or Vault code, so it makes sense they're one-use. For your best shot at receiving a Boost or Diamond code, keep an eye on fan-run dgSHiFT Twitter. They often host giveaways for bundles of codes.

Other ways to earn VIP Points

(Image credit: Gearbox)

You can earn extra Vault points by doing other things, like filling out your profile, signing up to a 2K newsletter, and so on. It's all essentially a big promotional campaign, but if you don't mind being bombarded with advertising, you can unlock some new stuff for Borderlands games, including Borderlands 3.

Sign up on the Borderlands 3 VIP site to earn an "Early Adopter pack" for Borderlands 3, which includes "a Children of the Vault weapon, an Echo Device skin, and five Gold Keys used to unlock chests in Borderlands 3." You can also earn some special Vault Hunter skins and heads only available to VIPs.

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