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BlizzCon 2014: What we expect to see


By the time you read this Tim and Evan will, quite literally, be on the road to Blizzcon. There they expect to find news on what’s next for all Blizzard's major series, including a new Hearthstone card set, the next Starcraft II expansion, and, ssssh, maybe even an entirely new game.

The event runs across Friday 7 and Saturday 8 November, and we’ll be reporting back on those happenings, plus much more, starting from tomorrow. In the meantime, why not watch this video previewing what else we’re hoping for from the event?

We'll be joined at the event by Tom from the UK team, who's currently in the actual air, (godspeed, online prince), and hopefully some of you fine people. So if you are going to BlizzCon, do grab us (not literally) and say hi. We also respond to the universal murloc greeting: "mrghglghglghghgg".

Tim Clark
As an inveterate Hearthstone addict, Tim spends most of his time trying to explain why all Priest players are degenerates. The rest of his day is spent playing Destiny 2. Seriously, he's on it right now.