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BioWare is working with the modding community on Mass Effect: Legendary Edition compatibility

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The Mass Effect trilogy has a healthy modding community, responsible for everything from full texture revamps through to mods that speed up those bloody lumbering elevators. But with the announcement of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, there exists the possibility that all that hard work could be rendered obsolete.

BioWare doesn't want that to happen, though. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition project director Mac Walters has assured Twitter users that the studio is sensitive to the modding community's concerns, and has already reached out to a few people.

"We’ve... been in touch with a few in the modding community to learn how best to a) update everyone on changes that will impact existing mods, and b) set the modding community up for success going forward," Walters tweeted. "It’s ongoing, and we’ll discuss in more detail by launch."

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Reissues and remasters can often cause a headache for modding communities: when Bethesda released Skyrim: Special Edition back in 2018 all existing mods needed to be adapted to the new version.

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition release date is May 14. It compiles the singleplayer component of all three games in the original trilogy, as well as all of their singleplayer DLC (with the exception of the Pinnacle Station DLC from ME1). 

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