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Bethesda extends free Doom demo

Early last week, to coincide with the official kickoff of E3 2016, Bethesda released a free demo of the first level of Doom. The catch was that when E3 ended, so would the demo: As the old saying goes, if you snoozed, well, you wouldn't get to try Doom for free.   

Yet when E3 week came to a close, the demo remained. Did someone at Bethesda forget to flip a switch? Not at all. Instead, “due to popular demand,” it's decided to leave the demo up for awhile. For exactly how long, it didn't say, but hopefully it will be something close to “permanently.” That worked out pretty well for the original Doom, after all. 

The timing may be a mystery, but the reasoning seems perfectly straightforward. Grab the Doom demo from Steam.

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