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Bethesda announces space-faring RPG Starfield

Near the end of Bethesda's press conference at E3 2018, Todd Howard put to rest rumors that have existed for years and announced Starfield. The oft-rumored game is speculated to be set in the Fallout universe, albeit much further into the future. Obviously that makes sense, considering Starfield is said to be a space-faring RPG, something confirmed by the short teaser trailer which showed a space station orbiting a planet.

There's not much else to it other than a brief mention that it will be singleplayer. No release date, no concrete information, but it's still an exciting prospect. "It's our first wholly original franchise in 25 years," Howard explained. "Starfield is a game that we have spent years thinking about and working on. Something we feel uniquely positioned to pull off and that we're incredibly excited about."

It's not much to go on, but it'll be interesting to see what, if anything, Bethesda will say in the near future about Starfield.

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